First Love.

I find solace in the comfortable silence of your arms. 

There is longing, in my heart, for a true kiss. 

But I search for that kiss. 

That kiss that be-stills the crickets,

Dulls the pulses of the world, 

Awakens the hairs on my neck to attention, 

Like soilders in a row.

I aim to reveille in that moment,

Of love…

Untainted by lust.

Breathing in each others breath.

Being reborn under a night sky,

Reaching for the flickering lights in the distance.

Charish it.


Embrace it.

Two souls entangled,




First love.

The Last Kiss

Gently they spoke,

Like the wind rustling through the trees.

The cold night air alive,

As crickets chirp and lightening bugs display their tricks. 

The sky ablaze,

Moon and stars reflect their pale glow upon their face.

A kiss, soft, wet,

Like the soil after a long gentle rain. 


Weeds, grass and body thrash around in unrecognizable fashion. 





We will not weep for forgotten souls.