We all Remain the Same

We are all formless in our shape.

We object to our objection.

We find chaos in our peace,

Loudness in our solitude,

Madness in our brilliance.


We find rest in our restlessness.

We find youth only through age.

We find beauty in the things we destroy,

Lust in our friendlessness,

Longing in our reflections.


But still we all remain the same.






Things don’t really ever begin at the beginning. We force them into molds to make sense of them. But rarely do we witness the start and the end of something. Even in life, we are present at both our birth and our death, but do we remember them? Life is profound not in its beginning nor its end, but in the messy parts in the middle. That is our legacy. 


We all have our curses.

We all have despair.

We all have the frightening things,

Which we rarely ever share.



We put them in chains.

We put them in cages.

We all know nothing-

Will stop them once the beast rages.


We all have our darkness.

We all have our light.

We all have our sorrow,

To keep us up at night.


We all have our muse.

We all find our purpose.

We all look to each other,

But only the surface.


We are all wolfs.

We are all sheep.

We are all shepherds,

But never the three shall meet.


We become who they want.

We become what sells.

We become what we hate,

In search of ourselves.


We all take this journey.

We all choose a path.

We all move forward,

Only some look back.


We remember the good days.

We remember the bad.

We remember the future,

Is the last thing we have.